For all your suspension repairs on the Gold Coast, Alpine Mechanical Service can deliver a thorough inspection and report on your vehicles suspension.

Some of the signs that there are problems with your suspension or shock absorbers could include:
  • The car not sitting level when parked.Mechanic checking suspension
  • A lot of bouncing when you drive.
  • Car sags or squats when loaded.
  • Excessive body roll on corners.
  • Car nose dives when braking.
  • Tyres wearing unevenly.
  • Poor handling.


Worn shock absorbers can add as much as 20% to your stopping distance. That’s the sort of fault that can be fatal and requires immediate attention.

A vehicles suspension plays a very important role. The suspension system is designed to give you a smooth ride while maintaining excellent driving control. It is designed to maximise the friction between the tyres and the road surface, to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of its passengers. If you don’t service your vehicles suspension regularly, you could be in for a rough ride.
We use only quality parts and the most trusted brands, such as Monroe, KYB and Sachs shock absorbers and Super Pro bushes just to name a few.
All work is guaranteed.


Contact us on 5575 2060 to have one of our experienced technicians inspect your vehicles suspension.