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We carry a wide range of maintenance free batteries to suit most makes and models, small to large cars and 4wd’s.

Flat Battery causing car not to startCar batteries are often the most neglected part of the vehicle. Their failure can be difficult to predict. We only pay attention to them after we notice issues with them or the car won’t start. Regular car battery maintenance and cleaning will help keep your battery and vehicle running smoothly, prolong the life of your battery and could save you $$$’s or the inconvenience of breakdown.


Even if your battery is not on its way out, we can test your battery and tell you if it is properly charged and in good working order. We can perform a test on your battery and vehicle charging system, using our computerised battery testing equipment. We will provide you with a printed report on the health of your battery, also checking your starter motor and alternator.

Battery testing equipment


If you do need a battery our expert technicians can give you the right advice on a battery replacement and install the battery for you on the spot.
We carry an extensive range of quality batteries to suit most cars, and all batteries come with a 24 month guarantee.

As you can imagine, your battery plays an important role in your car’s operation. There are many things to take into consideration when buying a battery; driving habits, frequency of driving trips, climate and the use of powered accessories. These can all impact on a batteries service life and reliability. So for the right advice, talk to one of our experienced technicians today.

When replacing your battery, it is important to fit the correct one to your vehicle. You need to consider if the battery has the proper rating for your car, also there is a variety of sizes and quality standards. The battery rating is stamped on the battery casing or in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Making sure that the battery is the right size so it is secured in your car is important, as an unsecured battery can damage the internal plates, which will reduce the life of the battery or can void your warranty.



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