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For car air conditioning on the Gold Coast, we have the expertise and equipment to inspect your cars air conditioning, and complete any repairs or servicing that may be required, to get your car cooling again.

When summer comes around and you realise your car air conditioner just isn’t cooling like it used too?
Its time to get it checked!

Car air vent

There can be more than one reason it isn’t cooling. With our experience and modern equipment we can test your air conditioning system and locate any problems. Like most people you might have heard someone say when your Air Conditioner isn’t cooling properly that “your Air Conditioner is out of, or low on gas”? This is not always the case.

Our qualified and licensed air conditioning technicians use a fully automatic air conditioning machine. This machine can check the pressures in the air conditioning system and if we suspect your system to be low on gas, it has the ability to remove and weigh the gas coming out of your vehicles air conditioner, which tells us if the system is low on gas so there is no more guess work.

State of the art Air Conditioning

Our machine can also inject ultraviolet dye into the air conditioning
system which gives us the ability to locate any leaks using an ultraviolet light.

When in fully automatic mode our machine will degas your system, weigh the gas, add any oil if required, and can inject ultraviolet dye. It then recharges your system to manufacturers specifications, then tests to ensure it is recharged and operating correctly.

This machine is also smart enough that if for some reason it detects a leak in an air conditioning system it won’t recharge it, as a safety feature to protect our Environment.

We recommend that once your vehicle is 5 years old, to have your air conditioning system serviced and checked every 2 years.



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